SPA 2.0 & Flying Pool

Germany’s first flying pool, a snow room on the sundeck and three different saunas, that’s the SPA 2.0 in the SEEFLÜGEL BEI SCHUMANN.

Feel powder snow

Snow room

Dive into the fresh snow now! Our snow room on the sun deck of the SEEFLÜGEL provides a gentle cooling after the sauna session through the combination of dry cold and soft snow. The combination of the warmth of the sauna with the dry cold of the snow room has proven to be particularly effective and is often found more pleasant than a cold water bath. The snow is made exclusively of water and air and is therefore particularly fluffy. With a temperature of up to minus ten degrees, the snow sauna offers a gentle and pleasant cooling after the sauna session at any time of the year. The approximately twelve square meter snow room is perfectly coordinated with the design of the entire SPA area. A sled made of spruce wood and a seating area invite you to linger in the powdery snow. The blue LED lighting skilfully sets the scene for the room.

Feel deep heat

Infrared sauna

In the infrared sauna the body is heated slowly and gently with the help of the area irradiation of the infrared light. Due to the deep heat, the sweating effect of the body from the inside is more intense. A big plus of the infrared sauna are the bearable temperatures. Because although these are rather moderate, the body still starts to sweat. Sweating in the infrared sauna also has many positive effects on health: a regular trip to the sauna strengthens the resistance of the immune system and helps to purify and detoxify the body. In addition, muscle tension can be specifically treated by the infrared heat. In addition, positive effects of the infrared sauna on digestion, joints and skin have been proven. The hay flower wall provides a special atmosphere.

The classic

Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna is probably the best known and most frequently used form of sauna in the world. Translated into German, sauna means something like ‘sweat room’. This name lives up to itself, because the characteristics of this type of sauna are the very high temperatures between 80 and 100 degrees Celsius, as well as the very low humidity, which is between 10% and 30%. Likewise, the Finnish sauna is known for its interior design and construction. The bathing room consists of only one room, with one or more two- to three-tiered benches made of wood and a stove in the center of the room, along with heat-storing stones made of lava stone. The fascination with the Finnish sauna has been around for a long time. Even the Greeks and Romans took advantage of the healing effects of the sauna. In the last 1,000 years, “taking a sauna” has changed in many ways, but the main goal has remained the same. The Finnish sauna is ideal for recharging your batteries for the day. With regular use, you will appreciate the beneficial properties of a Finnish sauna.

Sauna with a view

Climate sauna

Experience the panorama of Upper Lusatia with its natural surroundings of forests and mountains in our climate sauna. The climatic sauna is a milder version of the Finnish sauna. At about 70 degrees Celsius and a humidity of 40-55%, this is a sauna that is easy on the circulation. Your immune system is strengthened and blood circulation is promoted. The hay flower wall also provides a special atmosphere here.

The power of water

Kneipp pool

Treading water – the most famous water treatment worldwide – is also possible here on the sun deck of the SEEFLÜGEL. But not only treading water, but also a cold arm bath or simply resting and letting your soul dangle while looking into the treetops – our Kneipp facility simply invites you to relax. By the way, in the winter months the elongated pool is perfect for ice skating and curling.

Your time out

Relaxation room

Switch off and let go. The relaxation room in the exclusive SEEFLÜGEL offers recreation for those seeking peace and is also the perfect retreat for moments of recharging your batteries. Cozy corners for doing nothing offer enough space to settle down for two. Fully lined with wood and bathed in daylight, the relaxation room transports you to the rural idyll of Upper Lusatia. Here, skin, body, mind and soul may come to rest and be gifted with new strength.


Treatment room

Wellness treatments and massages at SEEFLÜGEL. Enjoy wellnessTIME and say goodbye to everyday stress. Treat yourself to a whole day of pampering and relaxation. It’s good for you and a well-deserved short vacation that beautifully interrupts your everyday life – which is guaranteed to stay outside. Our treatments and massages offer a tailor-made range for your well-being. Let our competent staff advise you and discover what is good for you, for example our SCHUMANN Signature Treatment.